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Care Tips For Your Artificial Grass

To ensure maximum lifespan for your artificial grass, a little care from you is necessary.

Here are few tips to cleaning your lawn and keeping it looking its best.

Getting rid of stains
Artificial grass is resistant to stains.

However, you’d want to act as quickly as possible before the stains set. Otherwise, removing will take longer. You don’t want to spend more time on this when you can get it done fast.

Water and detergent mixture can be used to remove stains such as coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, fruit juices, or blood. To handle tougher stains, meanwhile, such as cooking oil or nail polish, you may need to use grease spot removers.

Removing debris
From time to time, your synthetic grass will have debris sitting on its surface.

It’s important to be able to remove them early to prevent any corrosive minerals as well as weeds from developing.

For instance, organic matter such as pet waste or dead bugs can be removed either with a leaf blower or by rinsing the grass down. Other types of debris such as leaves may be removed by hand.

Killing weeds
Consider pulling weeds by hands so you no longer have to use weed killer or herbicide treatment. And to prevent weeds or moss, you can ask your turf provider for a brand they recommend.

Raking fibers
Rake the grass once in a while to fluff or distribute the blades evenly.

While artificial turf is a pro in handling playful toes and dog paws, it could use some help from you to making sure it stays beautiful.

Occasional raking, after all, should be easier than handling bald spots.

Dealing with pet odor
Artificial grass is pet-friendly.

For removing pet waste, you can follow the cleaning routine you’re comfortable with. For tackling odor, on the other hand, we’re following a unique installation process to prevent odor particles from getting trapped.

Generally, contractors would use sand filler on top of the artificial turf. The downside with this is that sand filler has the tendency to trap odor particles. In our case, we use a synthetic product called EmeraldFill which doesn’t trap odor.

Talk to your turf provider about your needs
Don’t forget, make sure to let your turf provider know that you have pets.

Your artificial turf wouldn’t require you to spend your weekdays working hard on your lawn just to keep it green and healthy. But, it needs you to check on it as often as you can to remove any debris that may cause damage.

If you’re interested in learning more how artificial turf can be beneficial for your family, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you.

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