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Fake grass is a blend of synthetic fibers tightly meshed together (based on the technology of carpet manufacturing) to form a durable, natural-looking turf which replaces natural grass along with its never-ending maintenance.

Recent improvements in fake grass have far exceeded the primitive “Astro-turf” of the past. Our new-age fake grass now feels soft to the touch and springy under your step, just like real grass. Don’t get caught hiring a Fake Grass Installer who uses old artificial grass technology.

We offer the highest grade synthetic turf available today while offering slightly lower grades as well to stay in all-budget price ranges. Call or fill out the Free In-Home Estimate Form to find out how much your yard will cost to install fake grass.



The main reason so many people switch to fake grass is the money you will save on your water bill from the very first day.  This is especially true in Southern California with its hot and dry air that pulls the moisture out of your lawn.  Want to know just how much you will save? You can find out exactly how valuable fake grass is to you with a free estimate.

We start by setting an in-house appointment to take a look at your project, then give you an estimate you will love. We’ll bring everything to you; it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Furthermore, Jack’s Turf gives you peace of mind with an 8 Year Warranty on all of the fake grass products we install or sell. Chances are, we can give your lawn a synthetic turf makeover in just a few days!  It’s that simple. Just fill out a Free Estimate form to get started today.