Jack's Turf



Pacific Outdoor Living One Year Warranty

Pacific Outdoor Living, parent company of Jack’s Turf, warrants all materials and workmanship of the synthetic grass installation for an unparalleled 1 year from the date of substantial completion. (this is in addition to the 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty below) If a defect in materials or workmanship is brought to our attention, Pacific Outdoor Living will, at its option, either (1) perform the necessary repairs at our expense, or (2) hire an outside service, at our expense, to perform the necessary repairs, including new materials if materials need to be replaced, all of which will be installed to or above industry standards.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by natural events such as fire, flood or earthquakes. Additionally, this warranty does not cover damage or undermining caused by tree roots, sink holes, broken water pipes or external forces such as drainage from surrounding areas causing flooding or standing water. This warranty does not cover areas that are removed or pulled up for any reason by anyone other than Pacific Outdoor Living. Charges will apply to such replacements done by Pacific Outdoor Living. This warranty does not cover stains, gardeners’ treatments, subterranean creatures, excessive pet/animal wear and tear, pet/animal waste or other consumer-related damage occurring after the installation.

Ten Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

This manufacturer’s warranty of the synthetic grass used in this Pacific Outdoor Living installation warrants against excessive fading for ten years from the date of substantial completion. Although this problem is rare, should it arise, the project owner would be responsible for contacting the manufacturer for an evaluation. If it is determined to be a manufacturing defect, the re-installation of new synthetic grass would be at the owner’s expense.

The Quality Control department of Pacific Outdoor Living may be contacted by the purchaser at any time in the future for issues relating to the warranty or to request repair(s) covered by this warrant, as well as for any questions concerning the installation. The Quality Control department will gladly assist, free of charge, any past Pacific Outdoor Living customer in finding the most economical solution for getting items or damage not covered by this warranty professionally repaired or replaced.